Our schools are governed by a nine-member “strategic” Advisory Board. Six of the nine members are voting members, and one is a non-voting member.
The effective board does many important matters: the members are always learning, always prepared for each meeting; they keep board committees focused and real, meeting each committee’s charge; they keep accurate records of its meeting and deliberations; they assure compliance with local and national regulations and laws and minimize exposure to legal action; they strive to compose the board to reflect the perspectives and expertise of the community to achieve our schools’ mission; they each contribute to the school’s development program, and support and promote the school through their work and presence.
Advisory Board By-Laws

There are 11 articles organizing the work of the Advisory Board in Al-Bassam Schools
Article (1): This system is called The Internal Regulations of the Advisory Board in Al-Bassam Schools, Dammam, and KSA and shall come into force from the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017.
Article (2): The following statements, wherever mentioned in The Internal Regulations of the Advisory Board in Al-Bassam Schools, refer to the below assigned meanings unless the context indicates something else:
Chairman of the Board: the schools owner and the Advisory Board Chairman.
Schools: Al-Bassam Boys and Girls Schools.
Advisory Board: Board consists of nine members assigned by a decision issued from the Advisory Board Chairman.
Article (3): The Board Formation:
The Advisory Board is formed by the chairman decision according to the following

The owner of the school is the Board Chairman.
Three employees of Al-Bassam Schools are selected including: Boys Campus Principal, Girls Campus Principal and another member selected by the board chairman.
Two members of the parents are selected based on having the desire to be partners in school success.
Three members of the local community are selected based on having the desire to develop the schools performance using the scientific methodology. It is preferred that they have different positions in a variety of fields such as law, education, commerce, medicine, finance and human development.

Article (4): Criteria of the Advisory Board members:

Reviewing the educational policies which enable the school leadership to achieve the schools vision and strategic goals.
Discussing the school strategic and financial plan and following-up its implementation.
Periodic reviewing of the school strategic goals which supports its strategic plans.
The ability to discuss the professional roles of the school principals upon the recommendation of the board chairman.
The ability to discuss the complaints submitted against schools and take the necessary actions according to the laws and regulations applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Discussing and supervising the annual recruitment plans.
Reviewing and approving the annual reports of the school achievements prepared by school leaders.
Contributing to find connections between the schools and the national or international institutions to support achieving the school vision and goals.

Article (5): Confidentiality

The content of all discussions and meetings minutes documented and signed by all members of the board shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed as a condition of the member continuity except as approved by the Saudi law.

Article (6): Independence

Each member of the Advisory Board has complete independence to express his/her views for the relevant data or information regarding the schools. At the same time, it is expected that the board member should not be influenced by any rumors he/she might hear from anyone except the school leaders.

Article 7: The Voting Right

All members have the voting right except the Board Chairman and all the school employees. However, the Board Chairman has the right to vote in case of a casting vote.

Article (8): Membership Term

The membership term in the advisory board is one renewable year upon recommendation of the Board Chairman. In case of membership termination or resignation of a member, the Board Chairman has the right to select a substitute member within a month of the date hereof.

Article (9): Board Meetings

The board is convened in the presence of two-thirds. The presence of the School’s Principal is compulsory to provide reports which shows the progress of work in the schools as well as to answer all the questions provided by the board members. If the school principal is unable to attend meetings, he/she could determine a deputy. Also, the school principal shall not attend the board meetings when it comes to assessing his / her performance by the board members. The Board meeting will be convened at least once a semester or according to an invitation of its Chairman.

Article (10): Professional Roles of the Board Members

The expected roles of the Board Members are:

Supporting guidelines statements (the core values, vision, mission and goals) as well as the educational policies applied in the schools.
Expressing opinion and advice regarding the school development programs.
Suggesting programs or projects which enhance student learning.
Finding connections between the school and the local community institutions to enhance learning values of the Saudi society.
Enhancing the international trends through a twinning program held with Arab and foreign schools.
Emphasis on taking into account the ethical and legal principles of international accreditation in all dealings of the school community.
Checking on the stability of the financial situation of the schools in the long run.
Ensuring that all employees in the schools are qualified for their jobs.
Supporting continuous professional development for all employees according to the expected needs.
Discussing the self-review programs to evaluate the performance of all employees in the school.

The below mentioned committees are formed and entrusted with the following roles and responsibilities:

The Teaching-learning Committee: It is responsible for checking the national and international studying programs including the content of the curriculum and the professional development plans. The main purpose is to achieve the school vision and strategic goals. It consists of three members assigned by the decision of the board chairman.

Community Participation Committee: It is responsible for creating connections with the local and international community institutions which enhance the national and international culture for students and employees within Saudi society values in general and the school values and the vision. It consists of three members assigned by the decision of the board chairman.

Educational Achievement for students Committee: It is responsible for supporting the school attitudes toward enhancing Educational Achievement for all students in all subjects taught in schools through a report prepared by School Principal.

Support Systems Committee: It is responsible for checking the internal school policies and regulations and giving opinions. It consists of three members assigned by the decision of the board chairman.

Article (11): Implementation the Internal Regulations Instructions of the Advisory Board:

The Board Chairman and all members of the Board are responsible for implementing all Advisory Board Articles in Al-Bassam Schools.

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