Applicants must first complete and submit an application with all the required documentation along with the SAR500 Diagnostic Test fee in order to begin the admissions process. Once an application is entirely complete and the SAR500 Diagnostic Test fee has been submitted, the applicant’s file is reviewed to be approved for testing. The Admissions Office will then make contact to schedule the admissions assessment when (and only when) a seat is available for the applicant. This means, therefore, that if there are more applicants than available seats, students are placed on a waiting list in the order that their applications were received. Students who successfully complete the admission assessment and meet all other admission’s criteria will be admitted to Al-Bassam Schools and will receive an acceptance letter. Students may not begin class until they receive written confirmation of acceptance and the tuition invoice has been paid. Tuition for new students must be paid within two business days of receipt of the invoice so that the student’s seat could be reserved.

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