Global Citizenship and Develop Intercultural learning

  • Al-Bassam Schools always seek to keep pace with the world visions in developing the performance of all staff at the different levels of their careers through the implementation of action plan based on the standards of teachers and school leaders. Those standards include all domains of school life using scientific methodology to improve the performance of all employees and students to maximize the performance of the available and renewable resources provided by the schools to all staff. This could be happened by designing a package of internal and external professional development programs based on the standards of teachers and school leaders in planning, implementation and evaluation with high degree of professionalism. There is also a comprehensive review of the extent to which the schools achieved the standards according to a systematic plan based on reliable measurement tools that resulted in a significant improvement in the different aspects of the school areas through the implementation of professional development programs by the Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Unit. This unit designs the development programs including teachers, supervisors, Admin Vice-Principals and monitors through training portfolios according to the standards of teachers and school leaders followed by a strict Supported Self-Review program. Therefore, our schools aspire to achieve more international standards and the most profound impact on improving learning outcomes at all levels, whether in the national or the international programs as well as for all staff by implementing the standards of the Council of International Schools (CIS) . The main purpose is to reach the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and prepare our students to the Digital Future as well as to qualify them to invest their country’s resources in the best possible way.
  • Al-Bassam Schools ls apply two international programs: IGCSE and IB. They include Cambridge Primary 5-11 Years 1, Cambridge Secondary 1 11-14 Years, Cambridge Secondary 2 14-16 Years, Cambridge Advanced 16-19 Years. Those programs promote the international perspective for students by learning different cultures to enhance their academic and cultural awareness of the current events. There teachers of different nationalities in those programs: British, American, Indian, Nigerian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian and Saudi. Also, there are different nationalities of students: Saudi, Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian students. Student counselors provide psycho social and educational support to train students for adaptation to the Saudi environment. Our schools also provide enrichment activities for the national program through English, mathematics, science in English and computers. The main purpose is to support students’ learning of other cultures through English. We use a series of books (Scott Foresman) which is trained by multicultural international trainers.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools are keen to diversify in employment. There are more than 19 nationalities working in schools in different jobs: British, American, Jordanian, Syrian, Yemeni, Nigerian, Indian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Bengali, Yemeni, Filipino and Saudi.
  • Al-Bassam Schools – based on the Schools’ vision – organize regular summer programs to the students each year to the De La Salle Academy in Liverpool, UK . The main purpose is to gain global culture through the English language programs and entertainment programs they learn in Britain with their peers from multiple nationalities there.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools organize conferences and forums to promote global citizenship. The Schools held a conference on quality education in 2010 entitled “ Towards integrated and creative education for the third millennium generation”. In 2011, the second conference was held entitled: “Towards a Differentiated Instruction”. Key Speakers have been invited from different countries in the world: America, Finland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the Arab countries for the purpose of publishing and sharing international experiences in teaching and learning which could positively effect on student learning.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools also organize regular international flights to the countries of the world particularly Britain in order to integrate them with diverse cultures contributing to the development of their personalities.
  • Al-Bassam Schools celebrate the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Nations Day every year to be rooted in their mind.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools are also interested in the field of guidance and psychological counseling by designing (Learning of Motivation) program for students who are classified as low motivation. It was built on the program based on scientific reviews of theories of motivation and the writings of American researcher (John Keller). It is applied throughout the school.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools offer many opportunities to serve the community through charities represented by cleaning mosques and some public facilities in Dammam, visiting the elderly to provide moral and financial help, helping the needy members of the local community, visiting hospitals and giving gifts to children with cancer. Also, organizing visis to the rehabilitation centers and organizing entertaining by the students.
  •  Al-Bassam Schools are interested in qualifying our students to apply for international tests such as: IELTS. Our students have obtained scores ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 which allows them to learn about the world cultures. The students are also distiguished in IGCSE tests which support the global cultural dimension. In addition, there is MAP tests.
  •  Teachers are enrolled in International Programs at qualifying courses by the British Council through an annual program.
  • Schools provide students with educational opportunities in several European countries by hosting distinguished university represntatives around the world each year. Counseling and advice are provided based on their abilities, orientation and admission requirements.
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