How to Apply

Applying to Al-Bassam Schools is easy, but you must follow these steps to have your application processed. All

applications for employment must be sent to ……… (email)

Please state the following information in your message:

1. Where you currently reside. This will help us determine whether or not you qualify for consideration as an overseas-hire employee (see the description on our “Employment Qualifications” page if you are unsure) and how to best contact you as a candidate.

2. Your nationality. Please also indicate any residency (with Iqama) or visit status you currently hold within Saudi Arabia, if applicable.

3. The specific position for which you are applying as listed on our “Current Openings” page. Please note

that we prefer specific applications that outline a desired position or role. If the position in which you are interested is not listed as a current opening, your application will be processed and only considered in the event that the position becomes available. 4. For overseas teaching candidates, include the international recruiting fair(s) you plan to attend. See our “FAQ’s” page for a list of fairs that Al-Bassam Schools’ representatives will attend. We strongly recommend that you register with a recruiting service such as Search Associates or International Schools Services if you are applying as an overseas teaching candidate. 5. You must attach a current CV that clearly states your educational attainments, relevant work experience, and the names of two individuals who have supervised you in a relevant capacity and who can serve as references. Please note that teacher and administrator applicants must include certification information, if applicable. You will be notified when your application has been successfully received by our schools. Only those applicants who are most qualified for a position will be contacted for interviews. Background Checks When applying for employment at Al-Bassam Schools, all applicants must note that extensive background checks, reference checks and follow-up will be completed to ensure the protection of all members of our schools community. Any reference provided, as required above, must be able to speak to your ability to work in an education setting.

Contact us

  •  Boys Section (013- 8091144) ext. 242 – 245
  •  Girls Section (013-8094040) ext. 250
  •  International School ( 013-8434999)



  •  Boys Section             :
  •  Girls Section             :
  •  International School :


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