Summer Program


Our schools also are interested in cooperation, external partnerships, shared responsibility, and partnerships with parents to support students’ learning and well-being. For example, there is partnership with British schools so that our students could visit these schools to acquire international citizenship skills.


Our schools – based on the Schools’ vision – organize regular summer programs to the students each year to the De La Salle Academy in Liverpool, UK . The main purpose is to gain global culture through the English language programs and entertainment programs they learn in Britain with their peers from multiple nationalities there.


Our school’s mission encourages relationships with multiple schools. We believe that our schools experience of creating relationships with intercultural schools has enriched our students’ cultural and scientific achievements such as Al-Bassam schools’ agreements with the De La Salle College in Liverpool and the Concord Academy in Canterbury. These agreements promote the global citizenship for our students in the learning domains: cognitive, affective and psychomotor based on our schools’ vision. It is great opportunity to meet their peers, identify different cultures and exchange experiences particularly in English language.


Our schools have an effective relationship with international schools in Britain and this enables our students to visit these schools to acquire international citizenship skills allowing interactions with international cultures. There are effective partnerships with international educational institutions. They are as follows:


– Antrim Grammar School in Belfast 2008

This partnership gave us the opportunity to train our students to complete joint work projects with their peers at the Antrim Grammar School in Belfast 2008. Both schools students worked together on joint work projects such as Water Resources in both Saudi Arabia and Northern Ireland. Collaboration has also been undertaken to develop the portfolio of students through a clear working manual. In addition to the exchange of visits between members of the faculty and administration within the UK Middle East Classroom Connection project coordinated by the British Council in the city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia.


–  De La Salle Academy Liverpool 2010-2014

This partnership gave us the opportunity to train our students on advanced English language skills, summer mathematicians and empowering our students to engage in enrichment activities such as football, swimming, and trips outside Liverpool. In the same context, the agreement with the De La Salle Academy provided for the exchange of academic experience among staff. The Shadow Training Program was implemented for the principals and a sample of teachers at the Boys’ schools to exchange experiences with their peers at the LaSalle Academy.


– Concord School in Canterbury 2015-2017

Our students from grade 6 to grade 10 are enrolled for four weeks course to receive intensive training in English language skills for approximately four hours a day with the students of the school itself. There is also contact with the culture of school students through recreational trips and various sports activities accompanied by a well-qualified and efficient team of teachers and administrators.



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