Student Council


Student Council members represent Al-Bassam Schools as leaders within the school and the community. In addition, they will represent their respective classes in the Student Council and will participate in making decisions regarding school events and students related policies. They play an active role in organizing and executing student life activities, events, and service projects. Serving on the Student council s an opportunity that will strengthen their leadership skills.



The Student Council

  • takes part in planning school activities
  • conducts community service projects,
  • discusses recommendations from students, teachers and administration
  • seeks to improve the school and its image
  • creates a liaison between students and school administration
  • gives recommendations and suggestions regarding school policies especially ones directly related to students


During the second meeting the council elects its president, vice president and treasurer.


The Student Council meets on weekly basis. To discuss the agenda set by the council president.



  • Sets the agenda for the weekly meetings in coordination with the Advisor Teacher and council members
  • Continuously communicates with council members concerning issues to be discussed and propositions for activities and events
  • Follows up on decisions and action plans set by the council


Vice President:

  • represents the president during his/her absence
  • takes and keeps minutes of meetings



  • keeps track of the council’s budget
  • gives recommendations concerning expenses


Election process:

  1. Elections will take place during the first semester
  2. Candidates should be Al-Bassam students for at least one whole academic year
  3. Candidates must fill and submit the application form in addition to two teacher recommendation forms
  4. Final Candidates for elections are selected based on a combined score from previous academic performance, conduct, teacher recommendation and a candidate questionnaire
  5. Elections take place in each class, the student with the highest number of votes will be elected as class president



Al-Bassam Student Council Constitution

Article One (Name)

The name of this Parliament shall be Al-Bassam Student Council, hereinafter called the Council.


Article Two (Purpose)

The purpose of the Council shall be to:

1. Strive for good citizenship.

2. Respect all individuals in the school and community.

3. Involve all students in sharing ideas to make our school the best it can be.

4. Help all students work together in our school.

5. Give all students practice in democracy in action.

6. Help other citizens and groups in our community.


Article Three (Membership)

Section 1: All students in Al-Bassam Schools shall have the opportunity to be nominated, to vote, and to offer ideas for Council action.

Section 2: The members of the Student Council shall be representatives elected by voting and secret ballot.

Section 3: The President, Vice-President, the Secretary-Treasurer are elected by secret ballot.

Section 4: Al-Bassam Campus principal (School Principal) shall be the final authority over all actions of the Student Council.


Article Four (Representatives/Membership Conditions)

Section 1: (Qualifications) a student who wishes to be a candidate for the Student Council shall:

1. Be a good citizen.

2. Be a hard-working and diligent student.

3. Relate well to other students and adults.

4. Be interested in being a Council representative.

Section 2: (Nominations)

Section 3: (Elections)

Section 4: (Powers and Duties)

Each representative shall be responsible for performing the duties of the representative for expressing students’ opinions, needs and rights to the Campus administration regarding the rights of students to learn in different domains: cognitive, affective and psychomotor during the school day.

Section 5: (Membership Term) the term of membership shall be for One year starting Date of election and ending the beginning of the next academic year.


Article Five (Council Officials)

Section 1: The officials shall be Campus Principal or his/her representative Stages Principals/ Activities supervisor.

Section 2: (Duties)

Campus Principal or his/her representative Stages Principals/ Activities supervisor shall have the responsibility of supervising on:

1 – Inviting students to nomination in the third week of each academic year and supervising the nomination procedures and conditions.

2- Supervising the election process, in accordance with the approved procedures by the Campus Principal.

3- Determining the duties and powers of the student council member as approved by the Campus Principal and the stage principal.

4- The Campus Principal is responsible and sponsor of the student Council in the Campus.


Article Six (Removal from Council Membership)

 Any member or representative may be removed by a majority vote of the Student Council membership (half of Council members plus one) for poor attendance at Council meetings, failure to perform required/requested duties, or failure to follow school rules or class rules.


Article Seven (Committees)

Section 1: (Standing Committee) Standing committees shall be Executive Committee, the Election Committee, and the Welcome Committee. The committees shall be held with the attendance of Stage principal/ Activities supervisor.

Section 1A: The Executive Committee shall be the elected member of students, principal and activities leader.

Section 1B: The Elections Committee shall consist of five (3) members. It shall be responsible for making arrangements for general elections including notifying teachers when elections are to take place, and conducting the general election.

Section 1C: The Welcome Committee shall consist of two students from each grade level. It shall be responsible for serving as friendly hosts and hostesses to new students and to visitors as well as arranging meetings.

Section 2: (Special Committees) Special Committees may be appointed by the President to plan and carry out activities approved by Student Council.


Article Eight (Meetings)

Section 1: Student Council meetings shall take place at least twice a semester. The Student Council membership will decide each year the appropriate meeting dates and times. It will be on the third Thursday of the second month at 12 p.m. in the Training Center (Primary Section) each semester.  An agenda shall be prepared and handed out to each member of the Student Council at least one day before each meeting. Student Council members may initiate agenda items. All items for agenda including must be submitted to the principal two days before a meeting. Additional agenda items may be added at the beginning of each Student Council meeting by a majority vote of Council members. If a quorum (half of Council members plus one) is not present for a meeting, no Council action may be voted upon.

Section 2: Class meetings shall be conducted by each Representative at least one day before and at least two days after each Student Council meeting. The meeting may consist of a written communiqué of Council agenda items. This type of communication may be needed when Council is being in-serviced with rules, regulations and procedures.


Article Nine (Voting Procedures and Rules)

Section 1: Each representative shall have one vote.

Section 2: All motions require a second; all motions require (for passage) a majority vote of the Council members.

Section 3: Any and all actions of the Student Council are not official until approved by the Principal.


Article Ten (Amendments)

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Student Council representatives.



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